Unit Conversion

How Unit Conversion Works

Unit Conversion uses the astropy.units module in order to convert spectral axis and flux units.

import astropy.units as u

potential_X_axis_units =

potential_Y_axis_units = u.Unit(original_flux_units).find_equivalent_units(

The GUI comboboxes are then populated by potential_X_axis_units and potential_Y_axis_units, respectively. The user can then select any of those options - as well as a “Custom” option - and the changes will be reflected in the plot. If the user selects the “Custom” option, they can type in their own units, and if the units are accepted by astropy.units the unit conversion dialog box will allow the units to be parsed. However, “Custom” units are checked to see if the conversion is allowed before any conversion occurs and if False, the units will not be changed.

_images/specviz_uc_custom1.png _images/specviz_uc_custom2.png _images/specviz_uc_custom3.png