SpecViz: 1D Spectral Visualization Tool

SpecViz is a tool for visualization and quick-look analysis of 1D astronomical spectra. It is written in the Python programming language, and therefore can be run anywhere Python is supported (see Installation). SpecViz is capable of reading data from FITS and ASCII tables (see Custom Loaders).

SpecViz allows spectra to be easily plotted and examined. It supports instrument-specific data quality handling, flexible spectral units conversions, custom plotting attributes, plot annotations, tiled plots, and other features.

SpecViz notably includes a measurement tool for spectral lines which enables the user, with a few mouse actions, to perform and record measurements. It has a model fitting capability that enables the user to create simple (e.g., single Gaussian) or multi-component models (e.g., multiple Gaussians for emission and absorption lines in addition to regions of flat continuua). SpecViz incorporates various methods for fitting such models to data. For more details, see Model Fitting.

Furthermore, SpecViz allows for overplotting or combining of spectra.

SpecViz will soon include the ability to
  • Measure the average of multiple spectra, detrending, and apply Fourier filters.
  • Interactively renormalize data from spectral templates.
  • Overplot spectral line lists.
  • And more…




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