SpecViz: 1D Spectral Visualization Tool

SpecViz is a tool for 1-D spectral visualization and analysis of astronomical spectrograms. It is written in Python thus can be run anywhere Python is supported (see Installation). SpecViz is capable of reading data from FITS and ASCII tables (see Custom Loaders).

Once ingested, data can be plotted and examined with a large selection of custom settings. SpecViz supports instrument-specific data quality handling, flexible spectral units conversions, custom plotting attributes, plot annotations, tiled plots, etc.

A spectral feature quick measurement tool enables the user, with a few mouse actions, to perform and record measurements on selected spectral features.

SpecViz can be used to build wide-band SEDs, overploting or combining data from the same astronomical source taken with different instruments and/or spectral bands. Data can be further processed with averaging, splicing, detrending, and Fourier filtering tools.

SpecViz has a spectral model fitting capability that enables the user to work with multi-component models in a number of ways, and fit models to data. For more details, see Model Fitting.

Support exists for overplotting and interactively renormalize data from spectral templates.

SpecViz can overplot spectral line identifications taken from a variety of line lists.


Some features are in development and not yet available.


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